Wealth management involves the balancing of rates of return and total levels of risk. All good financial management firms will seek to do this. But at CH Financial we hold to a number of additional core values we consider to be essential to proper portfolio construction, including the need for proper diversification, flexibility, simplicity and transparency.

Proper diversification means finding the right mix of assets, as well as geographic and industry specific allocations of our investments. We focus on making sure our clients do not have too many of their investment eggs invested in any one basket, and that each of those baskets works together to minimize the total level of risk. Finally we pair these with alternative investments meant to replicate strategies used by the best pensions and institutions. And at the heart of all of our investments is a need for cash flow to help protect from overall market volatility.

Flexibility means that we are not required to use any specific wealth management product or firm. We seek to find the best in class managers, and are not tied to any one group of management firms. Additionally, flexibility means our clients are never trapped in a specific investment. All have daily liquidity, and none of them will charge our clients to purchase, switch, or sell.

Simplicity goes together with transparency. Our clients will know what they are invested in at all times, and why we have chosen the investment managers we use. There are no “black boxes”, nor do we make investment decisions without first consulting with our clients. They know not only the financial destination, but also the means we will use to get them there.

CH Financial uses a holistic approach to wealth management, centered on a solid financial plan, and paired with risk management not only seeking to maximize returns, but also to mitigate risks through insurance strategies and long term tax minimization. All of these are tied together to insure the long term financial health and well being of each of our clients and their families.



Our Mutual Fund Dealer

CH Financial is registered with FundEX Investments Inc., a global company that allows us to offer our clients an unparalleled range of options which are never limited to proprietary products.

FundEX Investments provides independent financial advisors with mutual funds, offering a unique flat fee investment platform to help financial advisors and their clients be more successful. Founded in 1995, FundEX is built on one core value: to encourage the independence of the nation’s financial advisors and revolutionize the industry. Today, FundEX proudly supports CH Financial and more than 700 other financial advisors with more than 14 billion in assets under management.