My Investment Is Down (So Why Do I Owe Tax On It?)

My Investment is Down (So why do I owe tax on it?)

My Investment is Down (So why do I owe tax on it?)

Following our previous Portfolio Minute on capital gains, today we are addressing another common tax-related related question- can an investment that has suffered a temporary loss (or possibly even an actual loss) still generate taxable income? The short answer is yes, it might. So naturally, the follow-up questions would be why, and how?

The easiest way to think about this is to divide an investment into two parts. The first part represents the ownership of the asset (like real estate), or as the lender to a borrower. The second part is the income generated by that asset, mortgage, or bond.

In part one of the explanation for this is that the ownership of the asset or the holder of a debt has a given market value. In other words, if the owner wanted to sell the security to someone else, how much would they receive for it on a given day? The price will fluctuate with the condition of the relevant market, and it may be higher or lower than what the actual cost was. Until the asset is sold there is no realized loss or gain on this part of the investment.

Let’s look at two examples:

1) An investor purchases $1,000 of shares in Company X. At the end of the year the value of these shares has dropped to $900. The shareholder has an unrealized loss (or paper loss) of $100 and would see this on their year-end statement. But since they have not yet sold these shares there is no tax owing or saved by continuing to hold the shares.

2) In our second example, a landlord owns a rental property they bought for $200,000. Based on the appraised value of this property it is now worth $190,000. As with the first example, the landlord has a paper loss of $10,000, but this is not reported on the tax return.

What about the income generated for the year?

The two previous examples illustrate that there are no tax consequences because any gain or loss has not been actualized with the sale of the assets. Now let’s assume for the first example that Company X paid $40 of dividends for the year. At the end of the year, the shareholder that collected these dividends will receive a tax slip showing this $40 as income. The drop in market value is not reported on the tax return since the shareholder still owns the shares.

In the second example, the landlord collected a net rental income of $1,500. Again, this income would need to be reported on the landlord’s tax return. The drop in market value is not reported.

But what if I invested the income back into the asset?

Many companies (and virtually all mutual funds) allow their owners to reinvest distributions, dividends, and other income back into more shares. But even if the shareholder does not take the income as cash, she still has to pay tax on it as if they did. Likewise, a landlord that uses her rental income to renovate and upgrade her property will still need to pay tax on the net rental income she earned that year. Put simply, the CRA wants people to pay tax on income in the year it is earned.

So, when do I get to claim my gain or loss?

In most cases the gain or loss on an asset can only be reported in the year it has been sold or “deemed” to have been sold. The easiest way to think of this is if a taxpayer still owns an asset, they cannot declare the increase or decrease in value on that asset on their tax return.

Key Takeaway

One of the benefits of investing in funds such as mutual funds is that most of the tax can be deferred for many years.  Think of some of your long-term holds, such as EdgePoint or the BMO Enterprise fund.  Many clients have held those funds for 10-20 years, and have only paid tax on about 20-35% of the gain in that time.  If we do our job right, that remaining tax will be deferred for many more years or even decades!  One of the unsung benefits of the CH Strategy.

If you have questions, the team and I are always here to help.

All the best,

Brian Trafford, Chief Investment Officer

& Your CH Financial Team


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We’re looking for aspirational clients who require the whole spectrum of financial services because managing the whole is how we’re able to deliver unbeatable value – it’s our “secret sauce.”If this describes you, let’s set up a meeting andget to know each other.

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I just want to say we have been with your team since 1993, and we have never had any bad advice. The investments you set up for us during this time has paid for university education for our two granddaughters and provided a significant monthly income for us to augment our pensions.

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Looking back now, I’m not sure how I would have managed without the support of the CHF family.

Jeremy and his team were there every step of the way to help me navigate my way through the complexities of a divorce and inheritance. They got me back on track both financially, as well as emotionally.

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At the end of the day, the reality is I truly value my time and the opportunity cost of my time and would rather hire the best in the industry so ultimately my wife and I can do the things that we love to do, have more leisure time, relax and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, exploring new countries, hiking in the mountains and volunteer work.

Since engaging CHF more than 5 years ago we have enjoyed significant growth in our investments but more importantly, we have peace of mind and sleep much better at night knowing the team at CHF has our financial back and anything financial they will take care of for us.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the team at CHF to other career-focused busy professionals who really value their time and lifestyle balance.

Kevin & Sharron, Calgary

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Prior to joining CH Financial as a client, I had been partially managing our investments and using a bank-owned broker for many years, with moderate success. When we became clients of CHF, I quickly realized how little I knew about the complexities of managing investments and the importance of seeking out the best specialists in the industry to assist with my family’s full financial picture.

Brian and the team at CHF encouraged us to take an introspective look at our assets and expenditures and even helped us implement a comprehensive budget. The team really stepped up to take care of all aspects of our financial picture, including portfolio design, CH Financial introduced us to a lawyer who took care of everything for us, estate planning and tax, while helping us simplify our financial affairs.

Being of the sandwich generation my wife and I spend considerable time caring for our surviving parents and our grandkids, so

freeing up valuable time is essential to allow us to do the things we love to do. The team at CHF takes care of the details and today my wife and I enjoy a comfortable, stress-free financial situation.

Over the years as a client of CHF, both our portfolio and wealth has grown exponentially, more than we could have ever imagined. Now that we are both happily retired, having the CHF team in our corner helps us to sleep better at night knowing that our somewhat complex financial puzzle is being looked after by a team of people that really care, as opposed to being treated like a number by a big bank.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the CHF team to others looking for a superior financial home in Calgary and a safe place to invest your hard-earned money.

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