Often when clients listen to advisors and others talk about investments, they will hear the word “benchmark” being used frequently. This article will take a look at what benchmarking is, how it works, and why it is so important.

What is a Benchmark?

For illustration purposes, we are going to look at a benchmark ETF, called iShares REIT ETF, that trades on the NYSE under the symbol REET. Its purpose is to track the global REIT index, and we use it to compare the risk level and performance of the two real estate-focused mandates we use here at CH, namely the CI Global REIT fund and the Dynamic Alternative Yield fund.

The benchmark ETF in this example includes REITs sold on stock exchanges all over the world and it allocates the same percentage of its investments into each REIT based on how large that REIT is. Since the managers do not need to decide if a specific REIT is currently over or undervalued, there is very little management required to run the fund which helps to keep the fee low. As a comparison, the iShares REIT ETF has a Management Expense Ratio (MER) of 0.14% whereas the CI Global REIT fund has an MER of 2.32% and Dynamic Alternative Yield has one of 2.38%. This means the ETF is over 2.2% cheaper than the mutual funds.

How do we compare funds to their benchmark?

Since both ETFs and mutual funds are required to track their level of risk/volatility together with their respective rates of return, it is relatively easy to compare the different investments. So, how do they stack up?

First, let’s look at the rates of return net of all fees charged by each fund:

Fund/ETF 1 year Performance 3 year Performance 5 year Performance
CI Global REIT 31.67% 11.44% 8.58%
Dynamic Alternative Yield 47.24% 12.37% 8.98%
iShares Global REIT ETF 33.79% 7.08% 4.83%

As we can see, over rolling 3 and 5-year periods the two mutual funds outperformed the index ETF by roughly 4-5% per year even though both charge a much higher fee.

Next, we can take a look at the level of risk in each fund based on total volatility. Two mathematical measures are commonly used. The first is called standard deviation which measures volatility. The larger the number the higher the level of volatility. The second is known as “beta” and it measures how closely the fund correlates or mimics the performance of the underlying index. If the index and the fund go up and down by the same amount then beta is 1. If there is no correlation at all then the measure would be zero. Furthermore, if a fund went up and down twice as much as the index then the beta would be 2. Typically, lower beta is seen as good since it reflects the fund being less subject to the daily ups and downs of the market.

Fund/ETF 3 year Std Deviation 3 year Beta
CI Global REIT 14.25 0.92
Dynamic Alternative Yield 14.69 0.88
iShares Global REIT ETF 21.03 1.00

By both measures, our mutual fund teams have been less volatile than the index and its ETF. In the case of standard deviation, this is especially striking with the ETF having almost 50% more volatility!

For CH, higher rates of return with lower volatility will always be our preferred combination.


The purpose of this article was to give you some insight into how we measure the performance and risk levels of each of our funds. In most cases, we can find a comparable index, and often even an ETF that represents that index. We can then judge our managers to see if they are doing better or worse than their given benchmark.

Our work doesn’t end here, of course. As we have noted in other CH Minute articles, we still need to decide on things like a proper asset allocation for each client, monitor how closely our fund managers continue to remain focused on their specific area of expertise, and the stability of the management team itself. Finally, we at CH must constantly be asking ourselves if we think our clients should even be in a particular investment space (such as real estate, government vs. corporate bonds, small-cap, large-cap, emerging markets, etc.). Benchmarking helps us at each stage of this evaluation process.

We hope this article has shed some light on what benchmarks are and how we use them to help our clients achieve their investment goals. As always, we welcome any feedback, and in a future CH Minute, we will take a look at other benchmarking examples.


All the best,

Brian Trafford, Chief Investment Officer

& Your CH Financial Team


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We’re looking for aspirational clients who require the whole spectrum of financial services because managing the whole is how we’re able to deliver unbeatable value – it’s our “secret sauce.”If this describes you, let’s set up a meeting andget to know each other.

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Jeremy and his team were there every step of the way to help me navigate my way through the complexities of a divorce and inheritance. They got me back on track both financially, as well as emotionally.

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At the end of the day, the reality is I truly value my time and the opportunity cost of my time and would rather hire the best in the industry so ultimately my wife and I can do the things that we love to do, have more leisure time, relax and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, exploring new countries, hiking in the mountains and volunteer work.

Since engaging CHF more than 5 years ago we have enjoyed significant growth in our investments but more importantly, we have peace of mind and sleep much better at night knowing the team at CHF has our financial back and anything financial they will take care of for us.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the team at CHF to other career-focused busy professionals who really value their time and lifestyle balance.

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Prior to joining CH Financial as a client, I had been partially managing our investments and using a bank-owned broker for many years, with moderate success. When we became clients of CHF, I quickly realized how little I knew about the complexities of managing investments and the importance of seeking out the best specialists in the industry to assist with my family’s full financial picture.

Brian and the team at CHF encouraged us to take an introspective look at our assets and expenditures and even helped us implement a comprehensive budget. The team really stepped up to take care of all aspects of our financial picture, including portfolio design, CH Financial introduced us to a lawyer who took care of everything for us, estate planning and tax, while helping us simplify our financial affairs.

Being of the sandwich generation my wife and I spend considerable time caring for our surviving parents and our grandkids, so

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Over the years as a client of CHF, both our portfolio and wealth has grown exponentially, more than we could have ever imagined. Now that we are both happily retired, having the CHF team in our corner helps us to sleep better at night knowing that our somewhat complex financial puzzle is being looked after by a team of people that really care, as opposed to being treated like a number by a big bank.

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