Paul Clark

Chair of the Board

Paul Clark is currently President, VisionGain Consulting Inc, a company providing service in the fields of vision/strategy building, research & technology management, and advanced technical based facilitation.

Starting as a bench chemist at Dow Chemical in Sarnia, Ontario in 1969, Paul worked his way up through both the Canadian and American divisions of the company (including stints in Midland, Michigan and Freeport, Texas). His unique ability to explain complex scientific topics in plain language, combined with excellent people management skills, provided great value to Dow for over 25 years. It culminated in Paul’s final position with the company – Global Operations Director of Research and Development.

In the mid 1990s, Paul was approached by Nova Chemicals and asked if he’d be willing to join the company to build their Research and Development team in Calgary. After much discussion and thought, Paul decided to take this opportunity to move west with his family. For the next 15 years, Paul excelled at Nova, and was instrumental in making the company one of the most innovative in the chemical industry. As President of Nova Chemicals Research and Technology Inc., Paul was a key figure in the building of the Joffre (AB) chemical plant, which became the template for chemical facilities the world over. In fact, one of Paul’s “retirement” jobs was a multi-year tenure working for Reliance Industries in India assisting in the building of their world-leading Jamnagar Refinery, which was a bigger and even more advanced version of the Joffre plant.

His work involved extensive relationships with universities and government to create and manage collaborative research projects which have had significant commercial impact.

Paul has received numerous awards including: NOVA Chemicals Distinguished Applause 1997 & 2003, CanPlast Leadership Award (CPIA), Society for Chemical Industry A.N.Purvis Award (SCI), Natural Science & Engineering Research Council Synergy Award (NSERC).

His Board affiliations are too numerous to mention, and span a wide range from industry to academia to government to the local community. Paul is a great addition to the CH team and we are thrilled to have him as Chair of the Board.

For all of Paul’s business success, his greatest joy in life is spending time with his two granddaughters Keiko and Chloe. He and his wife Bernice have the good fortune of living only one mile away from these special young ladies, and thus get to see them all the time.