Erika Stewart CFP, B.Comm


Erika Stewart began her career in financial services in 2009, while simultaneously graduating Cum Laude from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Having gained over ten years of progressive experience in the industry, she has obtained extensive knowledge in various aspects of investing, financial management and operations.

In 2011, Erika obtained her Mutual Fund Sales license while working at a local financial institution in Nova Scotia. Shortly thereafter, she and a senior advisor opened a new advisory firm in the community of Bedford, NS. Erika’s propensity for implementing processes and streamlined business routines was critical to the successful creation and subsequent growth of the company.

In 2014 Erika and her husband David embarked on a journey across the country to start a new life in western Canada, where Erika started her career with CH Financial Ltd. (formerly Clark Hetherington Financial). Beginning in a support role, it wasn’t long before she was mentoring junior associates and implementing procedures office-wide within the insurance, investment and financial planning divisions of the firm.

Since joining CH Financial Ltd. Erika progressed into business development and has been recently promoted to the role Chief Operating Officer. She is passionate about providing holistic, tax efficient planning advice to our clients.

A very active and energetic individual, Erika regularly combines her love of fitness with her love of charity and has gone so far as to cycle 220 kms over two days while participating in the Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer. When not attending a spin or yoga class she can be found reading, cooking or diligently researching her fantasy football strategy. She proudly resides in Calgary with her husband and her daughters, Cadence and Mikaela.

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