It took many years for CH Financial to develop our current client-centric, diverse service offering. The process began in the late 1980’s with a Calgary-based firm based purely on fee-for-service financial planning. Investing and tax services were added to the mix in the early 1990's, and the company expanded from a one-man operation to a small team of professionals.


In the 2000’s the firm began its shift into a full-service financial advising firm. Streamlined operational systems were implemented, underpinning the quality and consistency of advice. Client advocacy and industry innovation started to take shape as the true backbone of the company. It was during this period that the firm transitioned to a second generation of ownership, and the groundwork for the modern CH gradually started to develop.


The following decade brought exponential growth not only within the firm but also externally through an expanding network of highly skilled experts in their respective fields. 2019 marked another monumental change in structure, including implementing an executive team and a board of directors committed to providing the highest level of service to Canadian families and business owners. The framework of CH Financial has been built on a model of scalability, allowing us to provide a high level of service not only to you but to your friends, family and colleagues as well.


As we embark on our fourth decade, we reflect on our cumulative years of experience and growth. This evolutionary path has afforded our team the ability to acquire an expert-level understanding of investment management, financial planning and tax strategy; in turn allowing us to provide our clients with a holistic advisory approach that addresses every aspect of their financial lives.


"Having the CHF team in our corner helps us to sleep better at night knowing that our somewhat complex financial puzzle is being looked after by a team of people that really care..."
"I truly value my time and the opportunity cost of my time and would rather hire the best in the industry so ultimately my wife and I can do the things that we love to do."
"Jeremy and his team were there every step of the way to help me navigate my way through the complexities of a divorce and an inheritance. They got me back on track both financially, as well as emotionally."
"The investments you set up for us during this time has paid for a university education for our two granddaughters and provided a significant monthly income for us to augment our pensions."