As the old saying goes, the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. The problem is none of us knows exactly when the former is going to happen, and we are just as unlikely to know how much the tax man is going to expect when we do die. And in the meantime, life happens, presenting an ongoing array of other risks and challenges. Our goal at CHF is to help our clients identify these potential risks, and then to soften the blow if, and when, any of them comes to pass.

Essentially, we all face the same three potential risks during our lifetimes:

  1. Suffering a serious illness, become disabled, or require long term medical care.
  2. Dying too soon and leaving our loved ones with a financial burden.
  3. Outliving our money.

The odds of any of these events happening to any particular person will obviously vary, but the tools that can help them cope with these risks are available. To this end we at CHF have formed partnerships with some of Canada’s largest and most reputable insurance providers that offer solutions that can help to minimize the risks our clients will face.

We have critical illness as well as disability and wage loss replacement programs in case our clients become sick or disabled. We offer life insurance policies that can protect against both long and short term financial and tax liabilities that may crop upon death. We provide wealth transfer tools that allow our clients to plan for intergenerational wealth transfers (including while the client is still alive!) in as simple and tax efficient a manner as possible. And for those worried about the risk of market downturns impacting their lifestyle in retirement we have investment and income solutions that can allow them to have guaranteed income for life. We may even be able to help clients with paying for future medical bills and long-term care.

When meeting with us our licensed insurance agents we will be more than happy to walk you through the process, review your specific situation and needs, and to address any possible gaps.